RiverFeast Bundaberg | RiverFeast will come alive on Friday nights with an array of internationally inspired foods, beer and wine with a spectacular view of the Burnett River
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Let your tastebuds explore our food stalls – there are so many good things to try!

Here’s 3 vendors (selected randomly) to get you started! Tap on each picture for more details.

  • Bundy burger co web

    The Bundy Burger Company

  • Artisan BBQ

  • web-2

    The Cupcake Girls

Bundy burger co web

The Bundy Burger Company

Chris & David

About The Bundy Burger Company

David and Chris from The Bundy Burger Company are passionate foodies.  All of their food goes through a long development process while qualified chef David experiments and tweaks! They love coming up with original ingredient combinations and other twists and takes on the classic burger.

What they sell?

Original burgers made fresh to order! They offer a seasonal menu of mouth watering  meat and vegetarian burgers. They even have dessert burgers! David will even individually prepare gluten free burgers and is always happy to accommodate other allergies.


The Bundy Burger Company celebrates everything local from our region, they source where ever they can fresh local produce and use local suppliers as often as possible.

Where can you find them?

The Bundy Burger Company is regularly at RiverFeast.

Available for catering or private functions?

Yes! The Bundy Burger Company would be delighted to bring their fully licensed and mobile kitchen to your next event or function. From their extensive event experience they can create any menu to suit your tastes and event.

  • 07 4154 8771

Artisan BBQ

Tom & Nat Espinoza

About Artisan BBQ

Latin-americans are born with smoke in their eyes and using wood and charcoal fire is basic and ubiquitous cooking method in all the Americas. Although born and bred in Sydney, Nat and Tom’s culture is strong and hence BBQ was always a favourite unifier of family and friends.

They moved to Queensland from Sydney and attended various multicultural festivals in the region and decided they could provide something unique that was true to their latin-american background.  As Anthony Bourdain once said: “BBQ may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start”

Artisan BBQ use pork sourced from the Mary Valley through Zac’s Meats and local tomatoes and herbs in their famous salsa from Cini Farm in Moore Park.

They do a gorgeous BBQ tasting plate with pork belly, crackling and different tastes of their various Spanish sausages on offer. They also do their famous Chorizo on a roll with salsa and are currently in the test kitchen expanding their seasonal menu.

Family is an essential ingredient to Artisan BBQ and represent and present flavours that encompass their love for their family in every cook.

  • Gluten Free
  • Raw
What do they sell?

Spanish sausage on a fresh roll, tasting plate with pork belly, sausage and salsa.


Pork is sourced through Zac’s Meats from the Mary Valley. Tomates and herbs in the salsa are sourced locally from Cini Herbs in Moore Park Road and made by Tom and his wife Nat.

Where can you find them?

At festival and events all over the Bundaberg region, mostly foodie-related ones. Have made the odd-appearance at The Brewhouse for special events too.

Available for catering/functions?

Yes, please get in touch via their facebook page for info.

  • 0401 173 365

The Cupcake Girls

Kristy Roberts

About The Cupcake Girls

The Cupcake Girls was started by Kristy and Jess, two mums who love to bake! After holding a cupcake fundraiser for their mother’s group they were swamped with requests for Birthday cakes and cupcakes for functions,  and so The Cupcake Girls was born! Jess has since moved to Melbourne and is in the process of starting The Cupcake Girls Melbourne, so Bundaberg is now run solely by Kristy.

What they sell?

The Cupcake Girls specialise in semi-naked cakes with fresh flowers for weddings, engagements and birthdays and in delicious cupcakes for all ages. They provide gluten free cupcakes at each market and can do dairy free on request.


The Cupcake Girls love using local produce. They get their limes from Bundy Limes, Strawberries from Tinaberries and their Macadamia nuts from Macadamias Australia.

Where can you find them?

The Cupcake Girls are often at RiverFeast. Check the events page to see which upcoming events they will be at.

Available for catering or private functions?

Yes The Cupcake Girls are available to cater functions, but they book out fast, so make sure you get in touch nice and early.

  • 0402 517 184
Every Friday from 4pm to 10pm
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