RiverFeast Bundaberg | Spargo Brothers
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Spargo Brothers

Ben and Tim are Bundy born and bred brothers who have both spent time living away but have, as fate would have it, ended up settling back home.  Music is a hobby and passion for us both, however we both work full-time – Ben as a teacher and Tim, a pharmacist.

“Pub Rock” is the best description for the majority of what they have played at gigs – there is always room for the occasional country, blues or jazz song when the situation calls for it.  The brothers would like to think that the covers they play appeal to most people out there in pub land, however I’d say that the over 30’s would probably be our most vocal.

The Spargo Brothers played regular gigs around Bundy most weekends between 2005 and 2008. Ben headed west for 5 years between 2008 and 2013 to do his rural service as a teacher.  They both played solo gigs in our respective towns plus the occasional band gig together when either of us could organize one.  When Ben moved back to Bundy at the start of 2013, semi-regular gigs were again organized for the Spargo Brothers, however when Tim’s first child arrived in late 2013 the gigs became less regular again.  When they both traveled to a former bandmate’s funeral earlier this year we spoke of how it’d be great to play some gigs together again and perhaps to write and perform some original stuff together……. So this is about Spargo Brothers version 6.0