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These conditions of entry apply to all site holders “vendors”, volunteers, employees and contractors.

The vision for RiverFeast is to bring to Bundaberg a new and unique dining experience with unsurpassed views of the beautiful Burnett River.  Pop up food stalls, funky arts and crafts and Grinners Bar for a new and refreshing selection of craft beers and wines.  All feedback is welcomed as we want to make RiverFeast  Bundaberg an ongoing success for all involved and provide a great alternative for the people of Bundaberg and  surrounds.

STRICTLY no dogs; no alcohol to be brought into the precinct, no motor cycles or motorised scooters (People with disabilities accepted).  No unruly or boisterous behaviour. Failure to comply may result in eviction at the discretion of the Management, Security Personnel and/or Police.


RiverFeast Stall Operators (“Stallholders”) will be allocated a stall site by Management prior to each event. Management will consult with Stallholders when making decisions about the allocation of site locations to Stallholders, however the allocation of site locations is solely at the discretion of Management.

Stallholders do not have rights to claim a particular site as their exclusive location and accordingly cannot claim to own or transfer a particular site.

The gazebos on each site remain the property of Management.

If Stallholders use their own lighting, Management requires low voltage LED lighting, specifically 3000k (warm white) temp bulbs.

Appropriate advertising and signage which should be designed to be added and removed easily from each gazebo is the responsibility of the stallholder, and must be approved by RiverFeast Management.


2.1 Safety Obligations for all sites and common areas

Stallholders are wholly responsible for their specific site location, ensuring that they do not expose any person to harm or injury and abide by all directions given by Management regarding safety. These directions to Stallholders include but are not limited to:-

  1. All incidents are to be reported to RiverFeast Management as soon as practicable;
  2. You are required to ensure there are no obstacles on or around your site that may have a potential cause an accident or injury to any person;
  3. Ensure there are no slip or trip hazards caused by your activity; eg: ensuring that all electrical cables leading to their site are covered suitably and do not cause a hazard to any person
  4. If items are being hung/suspended you the site holder are required to ensure that no person can be injured.
  5. It is a requirement that the site holder provide a suitable Fire Extinguisher which is based on your activity, it also needs to comply with all regulatory standards.
  6. Ensure that a suitable First Aid Kit is provided and available during the hours of operation. Ensure that the First Aid Kit is suitable for the risks and hazards in relation to your activity.
  7. Ensure all spills of any kind (including liquids and products) are clean up immediately to avoid possible injury.
  8. Ensure all electrical and gas equipment is tested and tagged and in date.

2.2 Insurance and Liability

Stallholders must have Public Liability Insurance and Product Liability Insurance satisfactory to Management each being of at least $10 million. The insurance of the Stallholder must also note Candle Light Enterprises as an interested party.

Stallholders are responsible for any work cover insurance if they employ staff and will be responsible for payment of any work cover premiums to ensure their staff are insured against accidents if required.

Management must be in possession of evidence a Stallholder has satisfactory current insurance, as a condition of participation in an event.

Stallholders participate in each event at their own risk. Management does not accept any liability for damages or any claims associated with the actions of the Stallholders. Each Stallholder agrees to indemnify Management for all costs incurred by Management as a consequence of any claim, action, suit or demand by any person against Management as a result of the actions or omissions of Stallholders, their employees or their products or services.


The use of LPG or other gasses for use inside a stall must comply with the Australian Standard 1596. More information can be provided upon request, however, it is the stall holder’s responsibility to ensure that their equipment is operating within the current Australian standards requirements. Failure to comply with AS 1596 or other regulatory standards requirements may lead to the stall not being able to operate or termination of the stall.


Stallholders are required to have their site properly set up, staffed and in operation during the entire period of operation of each event. Stallholders must not arrive late or leave early.

In the event of a sellout of the product of a Stallholder, a sign must be clearly displayed stating SOLD OUT. The removal of the Stallholders equipment will not be permitted until the event is concluded. No vehicle access is allowed during the operation of events.

Stallholders must continue to operate regardless of weather conditions unless it has been agreed by Management that the particular weather conditions pose a threat to safety.


Stallholders are responsible for removing all rubbish associated with the running of their particular activity “Stall”. Any bins provided by Management will be provided for the use of patrons only, everything brought on site by Stallholders must be removed from the site by them. Stallholders are not to use the bins provided by Management. All cooking oils or similar waste must be taken away from the site by Stallholders, no disposal of liquids by Stallholders will be possible or permitted on site. For conventions fees may apply.


Fees are payable on a weekly basis at least 3 days prior to each event by direct deposit only and cleared funds required prior to the event. Failure to pay before a particular event commences will result in the cancellation of the particular Stallholder’s right to participate in that event.

Stall fees are non-refundable.


Stallholders will be given access early on the day of an event to set up their site. Vehicles of Stallholders must be removed from the precinct prior to commencement of any event. Stallholders may only park their vehicles in areas authorised by Management while an event is in operation.


Stallholders must not operate their site under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol must not be sold from individual stalls.

All beverages will be available from Grinners Bar.  Bottled water is permitted for sale by stallholders, any other beverages being sold from individual stalls must be negotiated and authorised by Management.


Stallholders must ensure the quality of their product is at its highest standard. All products offered by Stallholders must be approved by Management.

Stallholders must be aware of applicable laws and regulations regarding the sale of their products or services and each Stallholder must abide by such laws and regulations at all times.

Packaged goods must comply with any labelling regulations that apply to the sale of such goods.

Stallholders must advise Management of the pricing of their goods, and any variation to that pricing must be in consultation with Management.


Stallholders are wholly responsible for the security of their own allocated site. Management will not be liable for claims of theft or loss or damage of property at a Stallholder’s site. This includes equipment and belongings of stall holders that are left on site during or outside of operation hours.

Any site problems that arise must be dealt with in direct consultation with Management.

Should evacuation of an event be necessary for any reason all Stallholders are required to follow the directions of Management. See the Site Evacuation Plan.

Outside the hours of operation of the event the precinct will be locked. Access to the area must be arranged with management.


The business conducted from the Stallholders site must have all permits, licences and registrations required by law and a copy of all licences and registrations must be both provided to Management and be displayed.

If applicable to the particular Stallholder, all requirements of the Food Act 2006 and Food Safety Standards must be complied with. If necessary, further enquiries should be made with the Bundaberg Regional Council



Stallholders must provide Management with up to date contact details including email and telephone to ensure stallholders can be easily contacted when needed.


Stallholders consent for Management to take and use photos and/or videos including audio of events that may feature their stall and themselves. This material will be used for promotional purposes within media advertising and social media.


In the event of a serious incident requiring evacuation or similar then site holders must abide by the relevant instructions and adhere to directions of the Management / Officials / Wardens and the emergency services personnel. Evacuations route/s and assembly point/s are identified on the site evacuation diagrams.

In the event of an emergency incident Management/Officials/Wardens shall respond and take action in accordance with the following:

  1. Assist: The person/s in need of assistance if safe to do so.
  2. Isolate the incident and instigate control measures
  3. NOTIFY appropriate Authorities (police, fire, ambulance)
  4. Extinguish the fire or minimize/control the incident
  5. Evacuate the immediate area
  6. Assist persons evacuated
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